Pursuant to the European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and in line with the Legislative Decree n. 196 of June 30 2003, and subsequent amendments and additions introduced by the Legislative Decree n. 101 of 10 August 2018, Moretti S.r.l. as Data Controller for the website, hereby informs you about cookies, their features and how to block them.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by the user send and record on your PC or other device, such as a mobile, to be then sent again to the website upon each visit. Cookies have different purposes: for instance
to track users actions or preferences (such as login data, preferred language, preferred font size, other settings, etc.) so that the users do not have to choose them again upon each visit to the website or when navigating from one page to the other. They are used to electronically identify users, track sessions and record information on the activities of the users accessing the website and they can also contain a unique ID code that keeps track of the activities of the users on that website for statistical or advertising purposes. Cookies can be sent
from Moretti S.r.l., or from other websites (so-called third-party cookies). Some of the activities on the website could not be performed without the use of cookies that, in some cases, are thus technically necessary for the
functioning of the website.

There are three different types of cookies, different for their characteristics and purposes:

  • technical cookies:
    they are used for the sole purpose of transmitting a communication on an electronic communication network, or to the extent strictly necessary to provide the service expressly requested by the user. In other words, they are necessary to the functioning of the website or to execute activities requested by the user.
  • Session or navigation cookies:
    They are used to give users access to the secure login area of Moretti S.r.l., or to do online purchasing.
  • cookie analytics:
    they are used to collect aggregated information on the number of users of the site or pages visited (for instance Google AdWords, Google Analytics e Mailchimp). Policies may vary on a regular basis and we thus advise you to check them regularly, where more detailed info are available:

Cookies can be created by our website or by third party sites.

You can find more details on the cookies that are used in this website in the here below table:

  • _clck - Clarity: Persists the Clarity User ID and preferences, unique to that site, on the browser. This ensures that behavior in subsequent visits to the same site will be attributed to the same user ID.
  • _clsk - Clarity: Connects multiple page views by a user into a single Clarity session recording.
  • _ga - Google Analytics: Used to distinguish users.
  • _ga_6JL7H8P8NR - Google Analytics: Used to persist session state.
  • Structure is: _ga_<id>
  • _landing_page - Shopify: Identifies the page as landing
  • _orig_referrer -  Shopify: Track landing pages.
  • _s - Shopify analytics.
  • _shopify_s - Shopify analytics.
  • _shopify_sa_p - Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.
  • _shopify_sa_t - Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.
  • _shopify_y - Shopify analytics.
  • _y - Shopify analytics.
  • cart_currency - Shopify shopping cart settings.
  • cookieconsent_preferences_disabled - Shopify stores the user's cookie
  • consent preferences for the current domain.
  • cookieconsent_status - Shopify to store cookie consent preferences
    localization - Shopify cookie to localize user
    secure_customer_sig - Shopify uses this for payments
    shopify_pay_redirect - Shopify payment cookie


There are two types of cookies on this website:

  • functionality cookies: they improve the user experience on the website of Moretti S.r.l. and are based on preferred criteria and options (for instance, preferred language or the selected items to be purchased to avoid choosing them every time you visit the site). These cookies, according to the preference you expressly selected, allow you to be identified in future accesses; or, if you have added one or more items in the shopping cart and closed the session before completing the purchase without deleting them, such cookies allow you to continue shopping during your next access to the Website (within a limited period of time) recovering the selected items. Functionality cookies are not strictly necessary for the
    functioning of the Website, but they improve browsing quality and experience.
    These cookies do not require the prior and express consent of the user since they are necessary to provide the service requested by the user of the Website.
  • profiling cookies: They are used to create profiles of the users in order to send advertising messages in line with the user’s preferences as indicated during the navigation. There are third-party cookies on our website that have access to the user’s data only in an aggregate form. Here below please find links to the third-party privacy policies and related consent forms. Policies and forms may vary on a regular basis and we thus advise you to check them regularly, where more detailed info is available:
    • http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/technologies/ads/
    • http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/
    • http://www.google.com/intl/it/policies/technologies/ads/
    • http://www.google.com/intl/it/policies/privacy/
The use of these cookies requires the informed and express consent of the user.

    All the above-mentioned types of cookies may be stored in your PC or mobile device for different periods of time, depending on their purpose. Cookies stored in your PC or mobile device cannot access any data on your hard disk, transmit viruses or identify and use your email address nor be used for purposes different from those outlined above.

    How to customise your browser’s cookie settings

    It is possible to customise your browser’s cookie settings to select the cookies you want to authorise, block or delete, completely or just in part. Here below how to customise the setting on the most commonly used

    • Internet ExplorerTM: http://windows.microsoft.com/it-IT/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies
    • SafariTM: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042
    • ChromeTM: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=it&hlrm=en&answer=95647
    • FirefoxTM: https://support.mozilla.org/it/kb/Attivare%20e%20disattivare%20i%20cookie
    • OperaTM: http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/it/cookies.html

    To have more info and details on the different types of cookies, on their purposes and functionalities, please visit the following sites (that are independent from our website) - www.AllAboutCookies.org e
    To disable cookie analytics and to block collection of navigation data from Google Analytics, you can download the browser add on: tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. Moretti S.r.l. will store the user’s preferences for cookies thanks to a specific technical cookie as detailed in the
    table above.

    Please be informed that if you block or delete (completely on in part):

    • technical cookies: you may not be able to use our website, browse the pages or use related services;
    • functionality cookies: some services or functionalities of the website may not be available or may not function correctly and you may be obliged to manually fill in some info or preference every time you visit the website;
    • other cookies (analytics and profiling): it will have no impact on the use of the website.

    Managing your cookie’s preferences
    When you first visit the website, you will find a banner containing a brief information on the cookies used by Moretti S.r.l. This banner allows you to manager your cookie’s preferences accepting or refusing (activating or
    deactivating) the buttons on the pop-up window.

    We inform you that your consent will be requested the first time you visit the website: thanks to technical cookies we will memorize your consent so to allow you to go back directly to the website pages upon your return
    (at any time, you have anyway the right to activate/deactivate or delete the cookies: in such case, upon your return, the website will ask again for your consent).