Our Story

The company Paolo Moretti was estabilished in Milan in 1949. From the beginning its story has been joint to an Italian family who has handed down this work for generations. The core business has always been the production of fur in Italy and in recent years followed the production of leather garments and cashmere coats with fur. All its collections underlines a clear Italian taste and is the result of technical skills acquired in over 60 years of craft experience which allowed to combine tradition with innovation. The company, based in Milan, is known in Italy and abroad for its unique luxury items, unmistakable and sophisticated.

Brand Concept

The company follows all stages of the production process. Cashmere coats,leather jackets and fur coats are the core products of the company and are entirely designed and produced in Italy. The purchase of the raw materials is done at international auctions as Russia, America
and North of Europe. Thanks to all this Paolo Moretti guarantees to his garments an undoubted Italian style and an excellent quality and price compromise


The showroom PAOLO MORETTI is located in Italy in the heart of Milan, in front of the Duomo cathedral, in street Passaggio Duomo 2, at the third floor of an elegant building. A wide collection of luxury fashion goods for man and woman are proponed from the brand in more than 1000 square meters of exhibition. Following always the latest fashion trends, you may always find a wide selection of ready to wear overcoats

Exclusive fabric Loro Piana

From the beginning the Moretti family has led a continuous and tireless investment in innovation and research of luxury and precious materials that in recent years has brought to the collaboration with the brand LORO PIANA.

The combination of real fur and 100% Cashmere Loro Piana, has allowed Paolo Moretti to make unique and precious garments, sought after and requested.
The skills of Paolo Moretti's sartorial and stylistic tradition in the processing of fur combined with the use of Loro Piana fabrics has allowed to create unique combinations with a modern and contemporary style.
The brand uses different types of fabric 100% cashmere depending on the type of model or the type of fur used so varies from 100% cashmere Loro Piana fabric to double face 100% cashmere Loro Piana


Paolo Moretti
Passaggio Duomo, 2
Third floor Milan - ITALY
Phone +39 02 861180
WhatsApp +39 349 21 91 948
Viber +39 349 21 91 948



In 1949 Giovanni Moretti founded the company Moretti srl and started producing wedding dresses


In 1969 his son Paolo took over the firm and combined the production of clothing with the production of furs which became in a few years the core business of the company


In 1990 was defined the brand Paolo Moretti that expanded the range of products adding the production of leather and sheepskin garments to the core business


Luca Moretti, succeeded his father Paolo in 1995 and gave the brand a new direction, bringing it in the international markets


Paolo Moretti is sold in 5 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan with 11 stores


The brand begins to collaborate with the LORO PIANA brand for the production of cashmere coats with fur

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