Cashmere coat women, exclusive taste

Paolo Moretti cashmere coat collection was made to flatter women’s body. Our cut and fit allows every woman to look her best. And our style is timeless but trendy as well.

Cashmere coat women is the one of the most important pieces in women’s wardrobe: it’s a must-have piece indeed. Luxury materials, comfort and softness to the touch all those words describe Paolo Moretti women’s cashmere coat and cashmere jacket. Our coats are made with the Loro Piana cashmere textile: the most exclusive and precious cashmere on the market and in the world.

The quality is a fundamental point of the women’s cashmere coat. The good quality will be visible from the first look and, of course, it will ensure the durability of the product in the future. A women’s cashmere coat in Loro Piana textile will be the best present every woman would like to add to her wardrobe, the coat which is multifunctional and versatile in use.

Cashmere coat and jacket are the best for the spring/autumn season with temperatures between +5°C and +20°C. There are many styles, colors and lines available, for example: red cashmere coat for the glamorous woman who wants to impress. The more young and trendy lines like cashmere coat double faced or of course black cashmere coat, which is double-faced cashmere from the oversize silhouette with the belt to accentuate the waist line.

Another interesting model is cashmere jacket women, which can be used in different ways thanks to the sartorial savoire faire of our masters. Also the black cashmere jacket in biker’s style for the young and fresh look. The style of that cashmere jacket women on the contrary offers bon-ton look.

Without doubts the number one choice is the beige cashmere coat, no matter if long or short it always stays in top positions in women’s wardrobe.