Sapphire mink coat for women

Saphire mink jacket neckless

From the inspiration of today's dynamic and smart woman, who never gives up on style, sapphire mink coat is created. This is a distinctive element for a young and metropolitan outfit that meets the necessity of a woman who wants always stand out in the look, a woman that wants to wear chic and sophisticated garments but free to move with great elegance.

This sapphire mink coat is versatile with original knitted finishing. The attention to details such as suede belt on tone and knitted parts
Sapphire mink coat has great visual impact that perfectly embraces, with particular attention, the world of fashion with an innovative and unpredictable taste. 

Unique in the light that transmits, sapphire mink fur illuminates cold winter days thanks to the highly sought-after shade that delicately attracts attention.
Paolo Moretti's collection propose the characteristic sapphire mink fur with light grey tones tending to blue, delicate and bright, highly sought after by young girls, to the lutezia mink fur in shades of dark grey; they are both elegant, refined and precious shades that lend themselves to an elegant or casual-refined clothing without ever giving up the warmth of fur. 

Thanks to its versatility there are several alternatives to choose from: for example today the younger women prefer the less bulky and not heavy jacket lengths, but obviously for women who want to stand out and dress in a sophisticated style, coat length is also so fashionable. 

Sapphire mink fur stole extremely soft and glamourous. Perfect for a chic and refined touch.

The contemporary ways in which women can wear sapphire mink coat are the most disparate: it can be harmoniously combines with white or black, undoubtedly with all shades of grey for a ton sur ton of extreme finesse but also with more daring colours for an original and nonconformist style! 

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