Mens coat with fur

Mens coat with fur inside starts with the union of two high quality materials: luxury cashmere and soft fur.


Men coat with fur starts with the union of two high quality materials: luxury Loro Piana cashmere and soft and precious fur.
Infact rich and classic cashmere becomes even more precious when combined
with fur and it is transformed into an universal and up-to-date item that can be worn for any occasions: thanks to its versatility it can be worn with casual clothes in informal events but also it can be worn for a more chic look at formal occasions, depends on the customer needs or requests.
Mens black coat with fur collar
Mens coat with fur combines two crucial aspects: both requirement of functionality either warm feeling. There is a large variety of mens coats with fur inside: they can be long or short, can be with a fur collar or a fur hood, or a combination of men’s coats with either quilted lining or fur lining.

Our talented designers and highly experienced tailor know how to match different materials and create mens coats with fur inside anticipating trends.

The most recent fashion trend is to wear luxury double-face Loro Piana cashmere coat or, also, coats with detachable hood with a zipper or with a simply buttons, in many colors and patterns; that high-quality coats make costumers able to wear the same overcoat on warmer or colder days.

A coat with fur inside for men is an elegant and versatile item and overall easy to wear; when you have it on, you are able to create a very personal, precious and warm look that will showcast your unique and cotemporary fit.
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