Women coat with fur

Le applicazioni di pelliccia su un cappotto di cashmere foderato o double esaltano la raffinatezza e l’eleganza della donna che lo indossa la quale può scegliere tra molteplici linee di cappotti con pelliccia.
 The coat with fur for women is created from the combination of the finest Loro Piana cashmere and the luxury of fur, a fashionable and classy outwear, versatile and never predictable. 
The coat with fur for women becomes a real jewel to wear, an universal key of elegance and freshness, wearable on chic or less formal occasions thanks to its characteristic eclecticism: long to the knee or to the ankle, it is harmonious in more stylish lines. Coat with fur can be used with heels but also in a more casual outfit with a comfortable moccasin, in which elegance is combined with practicality in the name of contemporaneity. 
There are many versions of women’s coat with fur: it can be young and comfortable combined with mink; glamorous and prestigious when it is combined with the chinchilla fur or sable fur; trendy and never predictable, finally, if it is combined with a fluffy and colourful fox fur.
A coat with fur collar or a fur hood, in lined or double cashmere fabric, enhances the refinement and elegance of the woman who wears it, who can choose from a whole collection of exclusive coats with fur. Basically the key word is make the woman who wear it feel free to suit it for every situation and always free to move supported by the sweet lines, enhanced by the most disparate colours or illuminated by light shades from pastel to cream to pure white, the most coveted.

Raised to a more structured model, the coat with fur can be transformed into a combination of soft cashmere coat coordinated with the fur vest.
The presence of two distinct elements allows you to play with the different parts to discover the most desired combination: you can wear only the coat, only the vest or choose to combine one on top of the other, giving a sense of richness and exclusivity. An innovative form of the coat with fur for women that will hardly be able to tire who will wear it!
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